Victory Coaching, LLC
Frances Victory, Ph.D., C.P.C.
Speaker, Coach for Parents of Children with Special Needs,
Developmental Psychologist & Writer


My name is Frances Victory, Ph.D., C.P.C., I am a Certified Life Coach, Speaker, Developmental Psychologist, and Adjunct Assistant Professor. 

I have enjoyed working with children with autism in a variety of different capacities such as early intervention centers, special education classrooms, and summer camp programs. I completed my doctoral degree in Developmental Psychology at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City. My training focused on understanding each individual as a product of the different forces within their environment. Through the years I studied the variety of factors that influence a child with autism's social emotional skills; and examined the importance of professional development for teachers in parochial preschools. In addition, I studied the role of religion on the daily life, coping skills, and parenting of mothers and fathers of children with autism.

Who am I?
 Parent Coach for Autism
 Aim to help parents of children with autism.
 2-13 years old
 Providing convenient services to empower you and your family.
 Focus on being your personal guide to help make sense of the many stresses related to raising a
child with autism.

 Therapist:
 Past, feelings, emotions, and psychological issues


 Present & future
 Removing obstacles
 Setting realistic & challenging goals
 Helping you create results and move forward

 Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology
 C.U.N.Y. Graduate Center
 Autism Teaching & Research Experiences
 Adjunct Assistant Professor
 Life Coach Certification from the Life Coach Institute of Orange County

 Creating clear, realistic, and measurable goals.
 Identifying the obstacles in your way.
 Making your home more autism friendly.
 Educating your friends and family about autism.
 Organization and time management strategies.
 Focusing on your self-development & well-being.
 Maintaining your family religious & spiritual identity.
 Helping you advocate for your child’s needs at meetings.
 Researching risks & benefits of treatments.
 Workshops: Goal Setting & Self-Empowerment
Facebook: upcoming events, articles, recipes, tips & inspiration

 Addressing the complexities of autism
 Creating strong parents
 Supporting the family

Benefits of my service
 Feeling less stressed
 Working towards a clear path for your child, self, marriage & relationship with your other
 Better able to:
 prepare for meetings.
 manage environmental factors that may affect your child’s behaviors.
 choose treatments that best suit your child’s needs.