Victory Coaching, LLC
Frances Victory, Ph.D., C.P.C.
Speaker, Coach for Parents of Children with Special Needs,
Developmental Psychologist & Writer
Group Sessions/Workshops

I have used my fundamental knowledge of development and life coaching plus my years of teaching experience as a college professor, to create workshops for professionals & families of children with special needs. During our group sessions, I use a fun and interactive approach so that participants can walk away feeling stronger and more empowered. I will make sure that everyone feels respected, challenged, accepted, and understood. I aim to shine a light on their inner potential and help them recognize what they can accomplish.

Finding the New You! 
This workshop aims to help parents and professionals develop a plan to reach their goals. We will reflect on accomplishments, disappointments, and lessons learned. We will also identify beneficial and toxic relationships; achievable and realistic goals; and healthy coping mechanisms. I focus on helping everyone try to balance the different dimensions of their life and improving their physical and emotional well-being. Participants will walk away feeling stronger and more motivated to face the challenges that lie ahead. An interactive environment will be used to help everyone socialize and learn from each other.​

Functional Behavioral Assessments & Behavior Intervention Plan
This workshop aims to teach professionals about Functional Behavioral Assessments (F.B.A.) and Behavior Intervention Plans. Participants will learn more about the purpose and specific sections of each document. In addition, the workshop will focus on understanding the importance of the ABC model when conducting a F.B.A.

​Helping Grandparents and Extended Family Understand Autism
This workshop will focus on helping grandparents and extended family (aunts, uncles, and cousins) better understand autism, and how they can support the child with autism and his or her family. Participants will learn different strategies targeting ways they can interact with their niece, nephew, grandchild, or cousin; plus the child's parents and siblings. Everyone will also walk away with practical tips and an improved knowledge of autism.

Helping Paraprofessionals Understand Autism
​This workshop aims to help paraprofessionals better understand Autism. Discuss the Diagnostic Statistic Manual criteria & three categories of behavioral symptoms. The discussion ends with five helpful tips for paraprofessionals to assist children in their classrooms.​

Learning about Autism
The goal of this workshop is to help moms and dads learn more about autism. Whether you are worried about your own child's development or would simply like to learn more about the developmental disorder. Areas targeted: symptoms, evaluation, and possible treatments.

​Parents Better Understanding the Individualized Education Plan 
​The goal of this workshop is to help parents better understand the process of developing their child's Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.). Areas targeted: sections of the document, tips to prepare for the I.E.P. meeting, how to manage a successful meeting, and writing effective goals.

Professionals Better Understanding the Individualized Education Plan
​The goal of this workshop is to help professionals better understand different aspects of the Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.) process. Participants will be given a brief introduction about the I.E.P and suggestions they can share with parents who are preparing for their child’s I.E.P. meeting. In addition, the workshop will present tips on how to write effective goals for students. Different examples of goals will be offered so that participants can better understand what is an effective and non-effective goal. Professionals will also be given the opportunity to practice writing goals.

Ten Practical Tips to Help Your Child Focus Better  
Parents often have difficulty getting their child to focus on doing homework or any particular task. This workshop presents ten practical tips that can help moms and dads better support their child during those moments when their attention is focused elsewhere.

Tips to Help Preteens with their Social Emotional Development 
Middle school teachers and paraprofessionals are sometimes faced with preteens who demonstrate a variety of different social emotional concerns. This workshop aims to understand why children present particular behaviors. In addition, different tips and activities to help preteens with anger issues and the need to improve their conversational skills.

Places I have done workshops:
51st Avenue Academy
Bronx House 
Cardinal McCloskey Community Services
Gateway Counseling Center Inc.
Heart Share First Step Early Childhood Center
Half Hollow Hills Special Education PTA 
I.S. 237 - Rachel Carson Intermediate School
P.O.A.C. - Parents of Autistic Children
P.S. 19Q
P.S. 32 - Samuels Mills Sprole School
P.S. 81 - Robert J. Christen School
P.S. 201 - The Discovery School for Inquiry and Research
P.S. 290 - A.C.E. Academy for Scholars 
P.S. 330
New York Therapy Placement Services 
Q.S.A.C - Quality Service for the Autism Community
Samuel Field Y
SCO Family of Services 
Temple Adereth El
The Riverview School 277Q
Touro Law School: Jacob Fuchsberg Law Center 

How long are the group sessions?/
The group sessions can range from 45 minutes to 2 hours. I shape the discussion and activities based on the time allotted to me.

Can I request a topic for a workshop that is not on your list?
I am always open to creating new workshops. Please contact me with your ideas. I would love to develop a workshop based on the needs of your staff or clients.

How much advance notice do you need to schedule a group session for my clients?
A minimum of two weeks’ notice is needed. As much advance notice as possible will allow me to create a workshop that best fits the specific needs of your clients or staff members.

Do you have workshops available for Continuing Education Units?
Yes, our workshops can be used for Continuing Education Units (C.E.U.). 

Where are your group sessions?
I often schedule workshops at different cafes or available meeting spaces. If you are looking to schedule a session for your clients or staff members, you must also be able to provide a meeting space.

How much do your workshops cost?
Please contact me for more information about fees for my workshops. I can be reached at (917) 583-6172 or